The Beginning – A New Start in United Activism

Welcome to the United Activist Alliance. This is not just another activist organization. It is a call to action. We are calling all activists. Yes, ALL Activists. We are creating a space for everyone involved and interested in social change to meet one another and coordinate their campaigns and struggles.


There has been a new change in the world of activism. For decades there has been a massive growth in organizations and activists doing great work all over the world. But these organizations have something missing. Rather than being part of a connected whole, they sometimes feel like they are doing their work alone. So often movements and actions run out of steam. This is precisely because of the disunited nature of our movements. Therefore, if we joined them together, we can be more successful. Ultimately, if we stay united, there is nothing we can’t do.


The United Activist Alliance is a cooperative organization of activists. Our goal is to take our diverse and valuable experience and catalog it, systemize it, and be able to assist new organizations and activists and bring them into the larger alliance. We want to create a network that can assist certain actions and organizations, to give support, people, and best practices to help organizations, grow, reach more people, and ultimately lead successful campaigns for change.


Everywhere. Struggles exists in every part of the world. From hunger to disease, poor education to poverty, the modern world is filled with opportunity to do good and seek social change. We hope to unite struggles from the smallest areas (communities, apartment buildings, workplaces) to the largest (national and international political campaigns, trade, United Nations) into a single unit able to coordinate and facilitate different actors when most appropriate and to use our combined strength to achieve tangible goals. The center of this activity will be


“It has to start somewhere. It has to start sometime. What better place than here? What better time than now?” These emblematic lyrics sum it up perfectly. Though it should be no surprise that this Alliance was formed soon after the election of Donald Trump, the need for it has existed for some time. The alliance must begin immediately and being to unite struggles arcoss the world. Only by doing so, and as soon as we can, can we hope to achieve victory.


The Alliance Portal is the main area for UAA’s work. Here you will find a list of organizations that are doing good work, a calendar with events and actions all over the world, a forum for discussion and exchange, and finally the Blogtivist, which is the blog maintained by UAA that furthers the goals of solidarity and connectivity as well as spreading of information and resources.


Sign up today to become a contributor and start posting events, thoughts, forum topics, and anything else useful for the activist community.


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